The business of Agreen Capital Sagl (“Agreen Capital”), is an origination / M&A business model that connects professional and institutional clients / members (the “Clients“) with non listed M&A opportunities (the “Target“), primarily within the Food & Beverage and Food Tech industry.

Agreen Capital provides its Clients with M&A consulting services. Agreen Capital provides its Clients with consultation services on business combinations and on the acquisition or disposal of participations, and services associated with such consultation (the “Services“).

Agreen Capital is NOT subject to the Swiss Federal Act on Financial Services (“FINSA”) – Ref. Art. 3, Par. 3, let. a) of Financial Service Ordinance (FINSO).

Agreen Capital does not manage and / or hold and / or custody any assets on behalf and / or for the account of the Clients.

The Clients of Agreen Capital do not invest assets directly in Agreen Capital and / or in any structure / fund / deposit managed by Agreen Capital on behalf and / or for the account of the Clients. The Clients are always in the position to manage their financial interests themselves.

Agreen Capital on the basis of an advisory agreement with the Clients, identifies and originates M&A opportunities / Target on which the Clients, with full autonomy and under their full responsibility, may or not decide to directly invest. The goal of Agreen Capital is to provide Clients with access to high quality deal flow in the special Food & Beverage industry with solid ESG and sustainability policies. Agreen Capital is awarded with fees for such activity. There is no obligation of the Clients to participate in any of the opportunities presented by Agreen Capital.

In case the professional and institutional Clients of Agreen Capital will opt to invest in a submitted Target, the Clients will directly invest in such Target through a deal-by-deal direct investment in a) a newly created investment company in the form of a Swiss company limited by registered shares according to CISA, Art. 2, Par. 3, or b) a newly created special purpose vehicle (SPV) on which the Clients will have day-to-day discretion or control. The SPV will be itself represented in the BOD of the Target.

Agreen Capital and the site are NOT supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (“FINMA“), and NOT subject to the Swiss Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes (“CISA“).

The business model of Agreen Capital is NOT an Alternative Investment Fund (“AIF“) under the Alternative Investments Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD“).

Users of the site may choose to ask for more information on the business model of Agreen Capital either as Clients or shareholders of targeted companies.

The Financial Auditor of Agreen Capital is KPMG.